BASF to expand production capacity for antioxidant Irganox® 1010 globally

BASF plans to increase the global production capacity for its antioxidant Irganox® 1010 by 40% with production expansion projects at its sites in Jurong, Singapore, and Kaisten, Switzerland. Production in Kaisten is coming online in 2019 and in Singapore in early 2021. In addition, BASF is investing in its McIntosh, Ala., U.S.A., to improve asset reliability and further expand capacity.

“By expanding our production capacities, we respond to the increase in demand. With the investment in Singapore, we underline our position as one of the leading suppliers of phenolic antioxidants,” said Hermann Althoff, senior vice president, BASF Performance Chemicals Asia Pacific.

In Singapore, BASF will double its capacity for Irganox® 1010 by adding an additional production line that will be integrated into the existing production facilities.

“At the same time, we will add 30% to our existing capacity for Irganox® 1010 at our Kaisten plant in Switzerland by debottlenecking operations. This significant and timely expansion, planned for 2019, reinforces our commitment to accelerating business growth in the region,” said Alberto Giovanzana, vice president, Plastic Additives EMEA, BASF.

Irganox® 1010 is a sterically hindered phenolic primary antioxidant. It provides protection against thermo-oxidative degradation, mainly applied in polyolefins and also recommended for polyacetals, polyamides and polyurethanes, polyesters, PVC, ABS and elastomers such as butyl rubber and synthetic rubbers.