bp pulse sets sights on electrifying Europe's HGVs with truck stop acquisition
Photo courtesy of bp pulse

bp pulse sets sights on electrifying Europe’s HGVs with truck stop acquisition

To help accelerate the transition of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to electric power, bp pulse, the electric vehicle charging arm of bp, has announced the acquisition of Ashford International Truckstop in Kent, in the United Kingdom (UK), one of the largest truck stops in Europe. This strategic purchase places bp pulse at the heart of the UK’s busiest routes for HGVs, near Dover and the Eurotunnel, where annually 3.5 million HGVs cross the English Channel.

Located conveniently off Junction 10 and 10a of the M20, the Ashford truck stop is poised to become a critical node in bp pulse’s ambitious plan to create a Europe-wide electric vehicle (EV) charging network for freight operators. The site’s proximity to major transport links makes it an ideal location for supporting the UK and European HGV operators as they shift towards electric vehicles.

bp pulse intends to equip the site with around 20 mega-watt chargers, alongside 10 x 400kW and 125 x 100 kW chargers, subject to power connection availability and the evolving demands of the road freight sector. This development is expected to bridge the UK with bp pulse’s charging corridors in Germany, marking a significant step towards a comprehensive network of EV charging infrastructure across Europe.

Stefan von Dobschuetz, general manager of bp pulse Europe, emphasised the importance of reliable infrastructure for fleet operators considering the switch to electric. “Securing this crucial site near Dover underscores our commitment to meeting the needs of HGV operators transitioning to EVs. Our goal is to provide strategically located, accessible charging solutions for our customers along major truck corridors throughout Europe,” he said.

The first mega-watt chargers, capable of fully charging an HGV in up to 45 minutes for an onward range of approximately 310 miles, are slated for installation by 2026. This initiative is part of bp pulse’s broader strategy to support the decarbonisation of road transportation and create a network of mobility hubs offering a variety of energy options, including traditional fuels, to assist fleet customers at every stage of their decarbonisation journey.

The Ashford International Truckstop, currently operated by the GSE Group, will continue to offer its 660 secure parking bays and convenience services for HGV drivers under a long-term lease, while bp pulse focuses on the development and management of the EV charging infrastructure.

Darrell Healey, chairman of GSE Group, highlighted the synergy between the two companies, “Our expertise in operating a leading truck stop in the UK, combined with bp pulse’s capabilities in building the necessary EV charging infrastructure, forms a perfect partnership. We are excited to see our site evolve to support electric trucks and continue to explore further truck stop projects in the UK.”

This acquisition underscores bp’s commitment to investing in the energy transition, with EV charging being one of bp’s five ‘transition growth engines’ alongside convenience, bioenergy, hydrogen, renewables, and power.