OMV expands European operations with strategic acquisitions
Photo courtesy of OMV

OMV expands European operations with strategic acquisitions

OMV has announced the strategic expansion of its operations in Europe through the acquisition of key assets aimed at enhancing its refinery and supply chain capabilities. This move is set to bolster OMV’s presence in the European commercial road transport (CRT) sector and fortify its network of filling stations.

The company has successfully negotiated the acquisition of AP Newco GmbH, pending approval from its supervisory board. This deal includes a network of nine filling stations and cooperation agreements for three additional sites, specifically serving the CRT sector with a focus on high diesel sales. These sites are strategically located in Salzburg and Tyrol, Austria, along major transit routes connecting northwestern to southern Europe. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the fourth quarter of 2024, awaiting regulatory clearance.

Furthermore, OMV is set to enhance its market presence in Slovakia through the acquisition of 21 filling stations from Benzinol, with the option to acquire six more. These stations are primarily situated in western and northern central Slovakia, complementing OMV’s existing network of 105 stations in the country and reinforcing its position as a leading market player. The completion of this acquisition is anticipated in the second quarter of this year, subject to regulatory consent.

These acquisitions are poised to solidify OMV’s long-term commitment to the CRT market, leveraging fuel supply from its nearby refineries in Burghausen, Germany, and Schwechat, Austria. The company plans to manage fuel distribution primarily through direct fleet management agreements, utilizing fuel cards.

The new assets in Austria and Slovakia will also support OMV’s initiative to decarbonize the transport sector. This includes offering a variety of biofuels, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO100), and deploying 2,000 ultra-fast e-mobility chargers under the eMotion brand across key European markets by 2030. OMV has already inaugurated its first ultra-fast electric charger for trucks in Vรถlkermarkt, Austria, with plans to expand this infrastructure to cover all main transport routes in Austria by 2026.

Martijn van Koten, OMV executive vice president, Fuels & Feedstock, highlighted the significance of these transactions, stating, “These acquisitions not only enhance our supply chain efficiency around OMVโ€™s key European refineries but also accelerate our mobility transformation strategy. This strategy is focused on reducing emissions through advanced biofuels and the rollout of ultra-fast charging solutions for e-mobility.”

OMV boasts a robust retail network of approximately 1,700 filling stations across Central and Eastern Europe, offering a range of brands from the premium OMV to the budget-friendly DISKONT and Avanti stations. OMV’s manned stations serve as comprehensive service hubs, providing fuels, lubricants, car wash services, and convenience stores stocked with refreshments and essential items.