ExxonMobil boosts chemical production in Baytown, Texas
Photo courtesy of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil boosts chemical production in Baytown, Texas

ExxonMobil has initiated two new chemical production units at its Baytown manufacturing facility, marking a significant expansion. This USD2 billion investment aligns with the company’s strategic growth plans, aiming to produce higher-value products from its U.S. Gulf Coast refining and chemical operations.

Karen McKee, president of ExxonMobil Product Solutions, commented, “The launch of these units enables us to provide essential materials for daily-use products. Our focus on safety and expertise in project execution has led to significant investments in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.”

The newly established performance polymers line is set to produce 400,000 metric tons annually of Vistamaxx™ and Exact™ polymer modifiers. These modifiers enhance the quality of various chemical products, including automotive parts, construction materials, and personal care items. For instance, Vistamaxx™ augments the durability of items like reusable containers, extending their lifespan and promoting higher recycled content. On the other hand, Exact™ caters to the automotive sector’s demand for lightweight parts that bolster fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the linear alpha olefins unit, producing 350,000 tons of Elevexx™ products yearly, signifies ExxonMobil’s debut in this market segment. Linear alpha olefins find applications in plastic packaging, high-performance oils, and more. They also serve as foundational elements for surfactants, aiding in cleaning and industrial tasks, and drag-reducing agents, optimising crude oil flow in pipelines.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, ExxonMobil remained committed to this project. Leveraging its vast project management expertise, the company ensured the units’ timely and safe commencement.

The construction phase generated employment for over 3,500 individuals. Once fully operational, the facility will create jobs for an additional 200 people.

Situated about 25 miles east of Houston along the Houston Ship Channel, ExxonMobil’s Baytown complex stands as one of the world’s most advanced refining and petrochemical hubs. Established in 1919, the Baytown operations span roughly 3,400 acres, encompassing a refinery, chemical plant, olefins plant, plastics plant, and a global technology center.