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AMSOIL partners with Rallyware to provide online dealer training

AMSOIL partners with Rallyware to provide online dealer training
Photo courtesy of AMSOIL

AMSOIL, a developer of synthetic lubricants for automotive vehicles based in Superior, Wisconsin, U.S.A., has partnered with Rallyware, based in Mountain View, California, U.S.A., to provide a complete training, learning, and sales enablement app for the AMSOIL network of independent dealers.

At a moment of retrenchment for direct selling, particularly in terms of retention – the industry experienced a 5.2% decrease in workforce last year. Rallyware has helped AMSOIL stay in front of competitors by providing AMSOIL with a platform to build a robust dealer learning and certification program.

AMSOIL uses Rallyware’s platform to onboard new dealers, train them on items such as compliance and customer service protocols, and optimize their sales of AMSOIL products.

With respect to the company’s specific needs and aims, Rallyware’s field enablement suite guides the distributed AMSOIL independent Dealer network to success with: personalized learning about the most efficient selling practices; smart notifications around new product launches; leaderboards that compare and visualize sales progress for multiple dealers; educational content on how to talk about different types of lubricants; and more — all enriched by robust data integrations to constantly re-engage dealer attention with the activities most relevant to each individual.

In terms of core metrics, one of the key performance index (KPIs) for AMSOIL is the “customer certification process” for dealers. In becoming “customer certified,” AMSOIL dealers obtain the basic knowledge necessary to provide good customer service and, ideally, sell more AMSOIL products.

With this in mind, AMSOIL has been able to design their Rallyware-based application to optimize and speed up the achievement of this most vital metric – the customer certification pipeline. In terms of dealer experience, AMSOIL hears wide-ranging praise for the training and learning made possible by Rallyware’s technology. 

“With Rallyware’s platform, we’ve been able to craft a highly personalized and automated digital experience for onboarding, learning, and selling that our dealers enjoy using,” says Dan Peterson, SVP Marketing and Sales at AMSOIL. “This is exactly what we imagined when we were looking for technology that would enable us for the challenges of the 2020s: technology that’s at once highly effective for us as a business – in terms of our KPIs – and extremely usable for our dealers day to day.”

“We’re immensely proud of what we’ve done so far with AMSOIL, and we’re excited about what’s to come in the near future,” says George Elfond, Rallyware’s CEO and co-founder. “AMSOIL uses Rallyware’s data-driven technology to make sure that their dealers are fully engaged with the company’s high-performing and highly reliable motor oil family of products.”