Lucas Oil taps VT Batteries to distribute lubricants in South America
Photo courtesy of Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil taps VT Batteries to distribute lubricants in South America

Lucas Oil has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with VT Batteries covering seven South American countries for its range of premium lubricants and greases spanning automotive, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

The recently launched deal sees VT assume full distribution rights for Lucas Oil’s engine oils, transmission fluids, gear lubricants and associated products across major markets like Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

“VT Batteries’ vast regional experience and network offers an outstanding opportunity to significantly expand Lucas Oil’s presence in South America,” said Shane Burns, VP of sales.

The partnership specifically carves out Venezuela but otherwise grants VT blanket access to distribute Lucas offerings within South America. VT has moved to establish a dedicated local entity, VT Power Brazil, to direct operations with manufacturing allies on the ground.

“We are sure it will be a great success in the region,” said José Miguel Álvarez, VT’s commercial director, citing enthusiastic customer reception so far.

For Lucas Oil, the timely South America thrust aligns with broader global growth goals as demand for premium lubricants and additives continues rising worldwide.

Roberto Menéndez, CEO of Lucas Oil, said: “We are pleased to work with VT Power as our partner in South America. This arrangement helps deliver our products to new markets, as we continually strive to cement Lucas Oil’s reputation for quality and innovation around the world.”