SKF signs license agreement for slop-oil recovery technology
Photo courtesy of SKF

SKF signs license agreement for slop-oil recovery technology

SKF has signed a license agreement for the exclusive rights to commercialise its multi-feedstock slop-oil recovery technology (MFRT). MFRT was part of SKFs acquisition of RecondOil in 2019.

SKF will retains its focus on developing the RecondOil Double Separation Technology (DST), which is used specifically for industrial lubricants and oils – in either offline or online systems. 

Christof Global Impact will have the exclusive rights to commercialize SKF’s multi-feedstock slop-oil recovery technology,  which SKF says is not core to its current or future business. The company is part of Christof Industries, a privately owned Austrian-based process engineering company. Based in London, UK, Christof Global Impact delivers technology-led, waste-to-value and emissions reduction solutions.

Slop oil can come from a variety of sources with different qualities and compositions. These waste oils can be recycled and turned into commercially valuable products. Depending on its original composition, slop oil can be turned into:

  • Oil for re-refining processes where new base oil is created
  • Oil for energy production
  • Oil for crude refining processes

“It’s great to have been able to find a partner that has the know-how and end-user access that is needed to maximise the value of this technology. We continue to invest in the development of the RecondOil DST technology and are already seeing significant process and manufacturing efficiency improvements in the factories in which it is installed,” said Thomas Fröst, president, SKF Industrial Technologies.

“We greatly appreciate the trust SKF, a company with values built on experience, quality, and know how, has put into CGI’s industrialisation, development, and execution competence, to deploy the multi-feedstock slop-oil recovery technology,” said Oliver Christof, president and CEO of Christof Global Impact.