FUCHS offers kit aiding design engineers' lubricant selection
Photo courtesy of FUCHS Lubricants Co.

FUCHS offers kit aiding design engineers’ lubricant selection

FUCHS Lubricants Co. announced the launch on February 20th of a new grease sample kit supporting engineers in choosing ideal damping lubricants for tactile and acoustic applications.

The kit contains six NYOGEL damping greases with a range of viscosities, allowing assessment under different operating conditions and user requirements. Common uses span gears, screws, controls and more across sectors like automotive and electronics.

“Damping feel involving noise or motion is often subjective based on viscosity and tack,” said FUCHS’ Joe Brooks, noting the samples facilitate matching subjective preferences.

Engineers can contact FUCHS following trials for larger approved quantities. The featured non-PFAS greases represent a fraction of FUCHS’ overall damping offerings.

Product Development Leader Dr. Jennifer Frias added that the initiative showcases FUCHS’ specialty formulation capabilities and understanding of customer needs for niche applications.

Brooks said the turnkey kits help time-constrained design engineers augment components’ performance, quality and appeal through world-class chemistry. Requests for the budget-friendly box can be submitted online.


FUCHS LUBRITECH provides specialty lubricants meeting demanding temperature, chemical and mechanical extremes across industries from aerospace to medical equipment to renewable energy. Part of the German FUCHS Group, FUCHS LUBRITECH operates ISO 9001 certified blending in the US.