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Great Wall Motor, TotalEnergies join R&D efforts on EV fluids

Great Wall Motor, TotalEnergies join R&D efforts on EV fluids
Photo courtesy of TotalEnergies

Great Wall Motor (GWM), a leading Chinese car manufacturer with an independent research and development (R&D) group, has signed two agreements with French energy company TotalEnergies to strengthen their partnership in future R&D and international business cooperation.

The first cooperation is related to a joint technical and development laboratory contract for further collaboration on new energy vehicle fluids. TotalEnergies will continue to invest in the equipment of the joint laboratory at the GWM HAVAL Technical Center. TotalEnergies will draw on its extensive experience and know-how in lubricant research and development to provide GWM with technical support, establish norms and standards for lubricant use, and carry out key projects such as retrofitting existing engines and developing new engines. 

The opening ceremony held in Baoding, China, yesterday demonstrates the long-term commitment of both parties to pursue technical excellence and develop world-class products and services to meet consumer demands.

“Since our cooperation with TotalEnergies started in 2009, we regard TotalEnergies as a valuable technical partner; both parties have several achievements on lubricant development, and with the further collaboration based on the joint lab, we expect more innovation and contribution in the area of fluid development for new energy vehicles,” said Hongyan Shan, vice president, GWM.

“Great Wall Motor and TotalEnergies share the same core values: focus on innovation, professionalism, competence, and customer orientation. We are delighted with this renewal which will allow our two companies to continue efforts in research and development to offer customers products that best meet their needs. The joint lab will allow us to focus on new energy vehicles, technologies and products to be resolutely future-oriented,” said Ian LePetit, president of Total (China) Investment.

The two companies have also renewed their strategic overseas cooperation for the fourth time since 2012. TotalEnergies continues to be GWM’s recommended partner for the sales of lubricants across all Great Wall Motor’ overseas after sales service networks. Both companies will continue to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable growth in the global market and their partnership in developing world-class products and services to best meet their customers’ expectations.