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Lubrizol Corp. to expand into separations solutions market

Lubrizol Corp. to expand into separations solutions market
Photo courtesy of Lubrizol Corporation

The Lubrizol Corporation®, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fuel and lubricant additives, is expanding into the separations solutions market, a USD140 billion industry critical to processing applications in food, beverage and various manufacturing and municipal markets.

At least 10% of the world’s energy is used annually in industrial filtration and separation processes. Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway company based in Wickliffe, Ohio, U.S.A., aims to reduce that number and improve end-use throughput by drawing on its core strengths.   

”Lubrizol’s entry into this market complements our broader corporate development activity underway,” said Matt Joyce, vice president, corporate new business development.  “We are focused on bringing differentiated technologies, formulating competencies and testing capabilities to create better application-based solutions. Addressing market challenges, developing more energy efficient solutions and delivering meaningful benefits to our customers’ business is the centerpiece of our work.”   

The company’s deep knowledge of and established relationships within the water treatment and industrial processing markets affords it a unique perspective.

“There are definitely opportunities for scalable, step change improvement in separations technology that’s out there today,” said Michael Fornes, director of Lubrizol’s new Separation Solutions business. “As a company with decades of materials formulating experience and who can synthesize scalable molecules specific to separation application requirements, we are positioned to take on that challenge.  

“By applying learnings from our strong background, we can improve on existing solutions to create productivity gains for multiple industries in the way of better processing efficiency and durability, while also reducing energy use and waste.” 

The company plans to deliver its first offering to the market later this year, with future application-based developments on the horizon.