Sea-Land Chemical and SBZ announce distribution partnership in North America
Photo courtesy of SBZ Corporation

Sea-Land Chemical and SBZ announce distribution partnership in North America

SBZ Corporation and Sea-Land Chemical Company announced a new distribution partnership effective the 1st of May 2020. Sea-Land will be an authorized distribution partner in North America for SBZ Corporation’s series of unlicensed transportation lubricant packages.

“We are excited to offer the SBZ line of engine oil components and packages to our customers in North America,” said Craig Lundell, senior vice president of Commercial Operations and Europe of U.S.-based Sea-Land Chemical. “These high-quality products serve a specific niche of lubricant compounders and we are ready to support the efforts to provide these technologies to our customers in the North American territories.”

The SBZ Corporation range of products are used to formulate non-OEM passenger car motor oil (PCMO), heavy duty diesel (HDD) and industrial gear oil products. These packages provide benefits to engine parts and components by providing extreme pressure protection, detergency, viscosity modification, oxidative stability and corrosion protection.

“The partnership is based on mutual values: professionalism, knowledge, expertise, loyalty and integrity. As a trusted supplier, Sea-Land will deliver SBZ Corporation’s portfolio of quality products,” said Laurence Holder, CEO of SBZ Corporation. “Offering technical expertise, reliability, and efficiency – working with Sea-Land’s highly trained North American and International sales teams – meeting the needs of our global customers.”

UK-based SBZ Corporation is a privately-owned global organization specializing in formulating, manufacturing and supplying fuel and lubricant additives, base oils, marker dyes, waxes and process oils for the oil industry. SBZ products meet the needs of international oil groups, fuels storage, supply terminals, fuel blenders, lubricant manufacturers and fuel wholesalers worldwide.