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Shell launches E-Fluids to optimise electric vehicle performance

Shell launches E-Fluids to optimise electric vehicle performance
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell has launched a new range of fluids specifically designed to work in battery electric vehicles (EVs). These E-Transmission Fluids, E-Thermal Fluids, and E-Greases will make battery EVs perform better and be more efficient.

Shell said it has been working closely with automotive and component manufacturers to engineer these “first-fill” fluids that effectively and efficiently meet a broad range of battery EV performance requirements. These products are targeted at the growing number of automotive manufacturers who are building EVs.

“Electric mobility is one of the solutions that will help meet the growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world.  From power generation to charging and now with our new range of specialised E-Fluids, Shell is serving the needs of an increasing number of EV drivers,” said Huibert Vigeveno, executive vice president of Global Commercial at Shell. ”Shell Lubricants provide the ultimate protection no matter what car you drive.  Our new E-Fluids are the result of significant investment in R&D, partnering with car manufacturers around the world to improve vehicle performance, extend their range and increase their lifespans.”

Like regular vehicles, battery EVs still need fluids to operate. Current lubricants, which have been developed for internal combustion engines, generally fall short of meeting the performance requirements of high-tech EV powertrains. Shell’s E-Fluids have been designed by specialised lubricant scientists based in Hamburg, Germany, and Shanghai, China, to optimise the performance of EVs and deal with these challenges. E-Fluids will help battery EVs reduce their lifecycle emissions and extend their lifespans due to their ultra-low viscosity properties which increase vehicles efficiency, and outstanding ageing properties which exceeds conventional oils. Shell has also produced a range of fluids, Shell Helix Hybrid, which are designed to work specifically with hybrid vehicles.

Electric vehicles are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting people and products.  With the growth of EVs at currently 40-50% per year[3], and with the International Energy Agency anticipating that, by 2040, there may be 280 million EVs on the road, Shell E-Fluids cater for a growing need among consumers and automotive manufacturers to improve and protect their vehicles.