WOQOD launches OTO premium lubricants

WOQOD launches OTO premium lubricants
Photo courtesy of WOQOD

Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) has launched the OTO product line of its premium lubricants at petrol stations offering oil change service.

“We are glad to bring this new innovative state-of-the-art range of premium quality lubricants to the Qatari market to give our customers exceptional performance and extra protection for their vehicles when they are under extreme conditions,” said Saad Rashid Al-Muhannadi, WOQOD managing director and CEO.

“The new OTO range of lubricants is the result of the alliance between WOQOD and Shell, with products blended from the purest Qatari GTL (Gas To Liquid) base oil which results from converting natural gas into colorless base oils with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil; delivering premium quality lubricants.”

The new OTO product line includes OTO MOTIV petrol engine oils, OTO MAX diesel engine oils and OTO PRO the ancillary products. The OTO product line meets major OEM international specifications and is ideal for consumers seeking high performance from their vehicles.

The new OTO MOTIV Ultimate, fully synthetic motor oil from WOQOD, has been formulated using the latest Shell technology and Qatari GTL base oil, to create a world-class lubricant. OTO MOTIV Ultimate offers maximum efficiency and extends oil drain intervals.

The new lubricants are co-branded with Shell and will be launched initially in all WOQOD stations and through other channels at a later stage. The range is available in 1L, 4L, 5L, drum (bulk) sizes.

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