AMSOIL introduces enhanced tractor oil for improved performance
Photo courtesy of AMSOIL

AMSOIL introduces enhanced tractor oil for improved performance

AMSOIL, based in Superior, Wisconsin, U.S.A., has unveiled its new synthetic-blend Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), designed to offer enhanced protection and performance for agricultural and commercial equipment. This new product aims to provide a balanced solution for operators seeking superior quality without opting for full-synthetic oils.

The newly introduced oil is formulated with higher than 50% synthetic content and high-performance additives to ensure minimal viscosity change and optimal wear protection. It is engineered to withstand severe service load conditions, aiming to extend the lifespan of pumps, valves, and other integral components.

Brett Granmo, market manager for heavy-duty at AMSOIL, explained that the commercial-grade line caters to businesses desiring enhanced protection beyond standard products without transitioning to full-synthetic solutions. The new oil is positioned as a balanced offering that doesn’t compromise on protection, performance, or cost.

The UTTO is blended with anti-wear additives to shield gears and components, friction modifiers to ensure consistent clutch operation and smoothness, and anti-foam additives to control fade and sponginess. These features collectively aim to reduce maintenance needs and ensure reliable operation across diverse applications.

Compatibility with conventional tractor hydraulic and transmission oils is another highlight of AMSOIL’s new product, assuring users that opting for this enhanced oil won’t void any existing equipment warranties.

While AMSOIL is known for its advanced synthetic lubricants and performance products, this new addition to their lineup underscores the company’s commitment to offering tailored solutions for a broad spectrum of needs in the agricultural and commercial sectors.